My name is Suzanne, and I’m a Seattle native (now), and after 25 years in software sales and marketing, I have finally decided to pursue a long-held passion of mine – the study of continued consciousness. That means ghosts.

If you had asked me at age 35 what I thought I would be doing at 55, I wouldn’t have even considered this to be an answer. I was (and still am) a hard-boiled skeptic. I don’t believe in most of what I see on Youtube, or read on Reddit. I have to experience something for myself before I’ll really buy into it.

And that’s exactly what happened.

In 1995 I moved into a house that happened to be haunted. I did not even consider that as an explanation for the various strange events I experienced until I had lived there for about five years.

I have a personal diary on this site, where you can read about my personal experiences. Suffice it to say that one night my home was overwhelmed with enough activity to convert anyone. After that night, I joined a paranormal investigation group and my new journey began.

My experience with this subject has taught me many things, most importantly it has taught me :

1) there is a dearth of scientific literature about ghosts

2) most people who believe in ghosts do not want to admit it

3) scientists are some of the least open-mined people in the world

4) this subject needs scientists. Badly.

I hope my magazine inspires you to open your mind, question everything, and demand truth. Death is not the end. Now let’s find out more…