Evidence of ghosts is elusive and usually dismissed by skeptics (rightfully so) because it is more often than not fake or a misinterpretation of a natural occurrence. Hopefully you look at all evidence with a critical eye, but don’t just dismiss anything that seems to be “too good to be true”, because sometimes experiences are exceptional, and recordings of them are exceptional too. You won’t usually</i find trustworthy evidence on Youtube or Reddit, but sometimes you do, so keep searching. I am providing links to evidence I’ve curated…which just means it seems more likely than not it is not faked. That does NOT mean it wasn’t faked, or that I am not misinterpreting it. Whenever you see an obviously manipulated or misinterpreted photo on this site, I will indicate that in the caption, title, or other obvious way.

And if you have something you think is interesting, please either send it to me at suzanne@ghostability.com, or join the member’s area and upload it there. Please be sure to indicate the circumstances in which you obtained the potential evidence, including approximate date, number of people present, and so forth. If the potential evidence is something you came across, try to provide a link to the original and give whatever information you can. Thanks so much, and enjoy!