EVPs are the best and worst of ghost investigations. They are the most commonly recorded phenomena (others are video and photos), but they are also possibly the easiest to “fake or mistake”.

It’s pretty easy to make a voice recording and then claim it’s from someone else, a little harder with a photo, and much harder with video. But when accompanied by video, it is actually some of the most compelling data we have. If you can match up the EVP to activity on a video, you can get a better idea of whether someone present (a living person that is) was responsible or not.

Of course it could still be staged, but as someone with a fair amount of experience with investigations, I can say that I’ve witnessed more successful EVP recordings than I have witness successful photos or videos. Interestingly, most of them don’t seem to come during “EVP sessions”. That’s not to say they are not a form of communication, they are. They are just not on the investigator’s schedule.

Watts Police Walkthrough EVPs

The following EVPs came directly from the police walkthrough of Shanann Watt’s home within a day or so after her tragic murder. The button will take you to a download of the entire video. The parts that have been cut out were of a dog barking very loudly, which made it hard to listen through.

Or watch a brief video with all of them.